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Trade shows, re-imagined.

Say "goodbye" to expensive lead capture apps!

✔  Zero user license fees

✔  Easy set-up

✔  Track product engagement

✔  RFQ's directly to your inbox 

✔  Zero apps to download

✔  More lead capture
✔  Free downloadable reports

✔  Automatic email responses

It's time we re-imagined the old lead capture system

We have gone from sign-in books, to bar codes, to digital apps. But all of the systems are essentially the same. As a vendor, you are stuck playing "the lead capture game".

At the end of the day, the client ends up on an email list, and never sees the product that they loved when they visited your booth. And sure, your sales reps are supposed to takes notes.


How's that been working out for you?

Scan Unlock is re-imagining the lead capture process. Imagine zero apps, no equipment, zero license fees, and all of your lead capture in a downloadable spreadsheet, FREE!

Now imagine being able to collect individual product engagement data, total number of visitors to your booth/showroom, and the ability to know which products "Sara" and "Bob" heavily engaged with, all in an email that is instantly delivered to your inbox, FREE!

Now, imagine the ability to automatically send a custom email to "Sara" and "Bob" , with only the products they engaged with for ONLY $2 dollars!

Instead of dreading the follow up calls, your new clients will now be calling YOU!

Inbound Calls And Emails!

Fast and Easy Set-Up!

Step 1

Set-up your account

Step 2

Upload product pics

Step 3

Download and Print

Step 4

Scan Unlock Icon.png

Scan and Unlock

Only Pay For The People That Have Engaged!

Sarah has...

✔  "Liked" your products

✔  "Pinned" them to projects
✔  Posted comments with friends

Automatically send Sarah...

✔  A custom email

✔  Only products she's engaged with

✔  For ONLY $2 Dollars!

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